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Annual Reports

The annual report of the Royal Court provides an account of the official activities of the Royal Family and the operation of the Court during the previous year. A list of all orders and medals conferred during the year is also included. A short summary of the annual report may be found below.

A full version of the annual report and Royal accounts is available in Norwegian, and may be downloaded using the link on the right.

Official programme

The Royal Family visited 69 municipalities and all of Norway’s counties in 2014.

The King and Queen carried out a State Visit to Myanmar in December, while the Crown Prince and Crown Princess paid an official visit to Vietnam in March.


A report on the use of the funds allocated to the Royal Court (the Civil List) and the staff of the Crown Prince and Crown Princess (official budget) by the Storting is submitted annually. The allowances provided to the King and Queen and to the Crown Prince and Crown Princess, respectively, are meant to cover the management, operation, maintenance and development of the private properties, as well as official attire and private expenses.

The accounts for the Civil List showed a surplus of NOK 6 846 443 compared to a deficit of NOK 6 701 468 in 2013. The accounts show that a major portion of the funding allocated is used to maintain and develop the Royal Palace, the other buildings at the disposal of the Royal Family and the cultural and historical treasures that these buildings house.

The accounts for the staff of the Crown Prince and Crown Princess showed a surplus of NOK 2 607 816. This surplus has been set aside for future procurements/operating reserves.

The accounts for “Åpent Slott” (cultural outreach activities) showed a surplus of NOK 93 570. This surplus has been transferred to equity capital.



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