Hopp til hovedinnhold

Guided tours of the Royal Palace

The Royal Palace in Oslo is open to the public during the summer, from late June until the middle of August, with tickets available from about 1 March the same year.

The Royal Palace is open to visitors during the summer. In 2024 the season is from 22 June until 18 August.

A guided tour 

All visitors must follow a guided tour. Tours are usually given in Norwegian every 20 minutes. There are also several tours in English given every day. The tour takes the visitors through some of the most beautiful state rooms in the Royal Palace. 

Rooms on the tour

The guided tour takes visitors through some of the most important and lovely rooms. We visit the Bird Room where all those seeking an audience with His Majesty The King wait to be announced, as well as the Ballroom and the Banqueting Hall. During a gala dinner at the Royal Palace, more than 200 people will dine there.

The Ballroom. Photo: Jan Haug, The Royal Court

In 2022 the White Parlour was included in the guided tour for the first time, and was a new high point. The room itself and its interior were completely renovated during the pandemic, and the room has now been restored to its original appearance when the Palace was completed in 1849, when it was used as Queen Joséphine’s audience chamber.  

The White Parlour. Photo: Øivind Möller Bakken, The Royal Court.

Tickets and opening hours 

Please find detailed informations on tickets, prices and opening hours in the Facts sections at the right of the page (or at the bottom if you are using a mobile device).



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Åpningstider 2024: Det kongelige slott

Publikumssesongen 2024 starter 22. juni og varer til 18. august. I denne perioden vil Slottet være åpent for omvisninger hver dag fra klokken 10.00 til 17.00.

Det er tre omvisninger hver time (10.00, 10.20, 10.40 osv.). Den siste omvisningen starter klokken 17.00. 

Det er fem omvisninger på engelsk hver dag: klokken 12.00, 12.20, 14.00, 14.20 og 16:00.

Avvikende åpningstider

Enkelte dager starter ikke omvisningene før klokken 13.00. Dette gjelder 25. juni, 4. juli, 19. juli, 9. august og 16. august. 

Fugleværelset. Foto: Øivind Möller Bakken, Det kongelige hoff.

Billetter 2024

Publikumssesongen 2024 starter 22. juni og varer til 18. august. Billetter vil være i salg fra tidlig i mars. 

Priser 2024:

  • Voksen ink. pensjonist: 220,-
  • Student: 110,-
  • Barn (6 – 17): 110,-
  • Barn fra 0 – 5: gratis
  • Med rullestol (uansett alder): 110,-
  • Ledsager: gratis
  • Lukkede grupper inntil 40 personer: 6000,-

Billetten til omvisning på Slottet inkluderer også inngang til Dronning Sonja KunstStall.

Prisene inkluderer billettavgift på kroner 25,- ved kjøp gjennom Ticketmaster.