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Practical information: Oscarshall

The following provides answers to the most frequently asked questions about the guided tours and events at Oscarshall summer palace.


The guided tour covers three floors. The Salon and Dining room on the ground floor are easily accessable, but due to historical considerations, there is no elevator in the main building. The first and second floors are therefore difficult to reach for the mobility-impaired.

Palace personnel will gladly assist anyone in need of help using the stairs. Folding chairs are available if needed.

Mobility-impaired persons can easily reach the terrace, from where there is a nice  view of the park. The park itself, however, is difficult due to many stairs.


There is a café with a lunch menu on the premises. It is open during the opening hours of Oscarshall. You do not need a ticket to the palace to visit the café.

The "Queen Joséphine café" has the same opening hours as Oscarshall summer palace. Photo: Liv Osmundsen, the Royal Court.


There is a cloakroom for visitors downstairs, beneath the Dining room. The cloakroom is unattended.

Gift shop

There is a gift shop that sells souvenirs, books and postcards. 

Mobile phones

Out of courtesy to the guides and other visitors, mobile phones must be turned off during the tour.


There is no parking for private cars and busses at Oscarshall. An exception is made for cars with parking stickers for disabled persons. Public parking is available at the entrance to Oscarshall road and by the Bygdøy Open-Air Museum.


Photography is not permitted inside Oscarshall, but please feel free to take pictures in the park.


During the season, tickets may be purchased at the museum shop at Oscarshall. Please find detailed information on ticket prices and opening hours in the "Facts" sections to the right (or at the bottom if you are using a mobile device).

To book a guided tour for a private group, please contact:

  • Liv Bog: E-mail: liv.bog[at]slottet.no or phone (+47) 95 28 61 55
  • During opening hours, the telephone number to Oscarshall is 917 02 361.

Toilet facilities

Public toilets are located near the cloakroom, wheelchair-accessible toilet facilities included.

Transport / Entrance

The public entrance is through the main gate. The address is Oscarshallveien 15 (The Oscarshall road).

Public transport to Oscarshall:

  • Bus no 30 to the stop at Bygdø Kongsgård (Bygdø Royal Farm) or Norsk Folkemuseum (the Bygdøy Open-Air Museum)
  • The Bygdøy ferry to Dronningen.



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Publikumssesongen på Oscarshall 2019 startet 1. juni og varte til 8. september. Nå holder vi stengt fram til en ny sesong går i gang våren 2020.

Omvisningene i sesongen varer i ca. 1 time og starter hver hele time:

  • Onsdag - søndag: 11.00 - 17.00
    Siste omvisning starter klokken 16.00.

  • Mandag - tirsdag er det stengt.

Obs: avvikende åpningstider

Lystslottet kan bli midlertidig stengt på grunn av arrangementer. Det annonseres på denne nettsiden og på Facebook/Oscarshall.

Den gamle portnerboligen rommer nå publikumssenter og museumsbutikk. Foto: Jan Haug, Det kongelige hoff

Billetter til Oscarshall

Billetter kjøpes i museumsbutikken på stedet i sesongen.

  • Voksen: 70,-
  • Honnør: 60,-
  • Barn: 40,-
  • Ledsager for handikappede har gratis adgang
  • Gruppebilletter til 30 personer: 2000,-