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ONS - Offshore Northern Seas

Speech given by His Royal Highness The Crown Prince at ONS - Offshore Northern Seas, Stavanger 27 August 2018.

Ladies and gentlemen

It is very nice to be back at the ONS.
In order to enjoy the future – to create new golden moments, we have to reinvent ourselves.

No one knows this better than you. And the minister, the mayor and myself were able to go with the CEO to see the exhibition -  what you can look forward to - and it is very impressive what all these companies are showcasing.

Over the past years, the oil and gas industry has gone through major demanding readjustments. In Norway, this has affected considerable parts of our nation’s economy. It has changed many people’s everyday life.

In difficult times, your industry has been able to reduce cost and increase efficiency. In addition, you have demonstrated willingness to make long-term investments in new business models, technologies and solutions, in order to adapt to a new market reality.

Some would even say to adapt to a world in change – and to climate change.

The threat of global warming affects all industries – and maybe in particular the energy sector. In addition, the world’s population is growing and so is clearly the demand for energy. Access to affordable, secure and clean energy is important for the development of our societies as a whole.

One of the many demanding aspects of global warming is the feeling of powerlessness. The feeling of insignificance. However, what you in this sector, in this room can achieve has a huge impact on nations, communities and individuals. You can really make a difference. Because you are key figures for a better, sustainable tomorrow.

A green energy future is a long-term goal and a long-term transition. In that shift your industry plays an important role. Your knowledge, expertise and experience is key to developing new solutions. Our common future is highly influenced by your decisions.

Some of the world’s largest energy companies have strengthened their actions and investments to contribute to reducing carbon emissions and secure a more climate-efficient oil and gas production. In addition, several petroleum companies are expanding their portfolios by investing in new energy sources such as advanced battery technologies, solar systems and offshore wind, to meet these challenges. The industry you represent has showed its willingness to change and adapt. To innovate and to take risk.

This year’s ONS theme, innovate, is therefore very timely. How do we accelerate progress and make a positive impact for the future? Obviously, innovation is a key word.

It is therefore crucial to make room for new generations of energy professionals. In order to drive innovation and transformation, the industry needs to attract young, gifted minds with fresh approaches and a sharp, critical eye on established practices. Leaders of the future are the young talents of today.

Currently, there is renewed optimism in the oil and gas industry. At the same time – the challenges we face are complicated. They involve the obligation to deliver energy to the world’s population, but at the same time to protect the planet.

I am sure this week will bring new and exciting ideas, partnerships and connections that will benefit your companies, the energy sector and the world as a whole.

I wish you every success, and I hereby declare ONS 2018 opened. 



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