Hopp til hovedinnhold

Official visit to Brazil: Official luncehon in Brasilia

Speech given by His Royal Highness The Crown Prince during an official luncheon hosted by Vice President Michel Temer in Brasilia, 16 November 2015.

Vice President Temer,
distinguished guests,

Boa tarde
É um prazer estar aqui no Brasil

In all cultures, the meeting of friends and partners over a festive table establishes trust and respect. I would like to thank you, Vice-President Temer, for your generous hospitality and for the hand of friendship offered to us. I would also like to add how much I appreciate being in the beautiful Palacio Itamaraty. I am glad to have this opportunity to visit Brasilia, to experience the city and not least the extraordinary architecture of Oscar Niemeyer.

Norway’s ties with Brazil date back 170 years, and became even closer at the turn of the millennium. We believe we are a natural partner for Brazil. We also believe that there is potential to expand our relationship even further, in business, in climate cooperation and in areas of research and development. I am looking forward to learning more about all this during my visit.

My father, King Harald, was on a state visit to Brazil in 2003. And if you look back at some of the speeches he gave then, and it’s striking how many of the sentiments remain the same. It just shows that our relationship with Brazil has not changed. We are long-term partners, and intend to remain so.

I would, therefore, like to invite you all to join me in a toast to our continued friendship and collaboration.




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On his first day in Brazil, the Crown Prince met with Vice President Michel Temer to discuss expanding cooperation both in commerce and industry and on environmental issues such as the protection of the Amazon region. Production: Caravela Filmes.