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Official visit to Mozambique: Business seminar

Speech given by His Royal Highness The Crown Prince at the opening of a business seminar in Maputo, Mozambique, 13 February 2020.


Honourable business representatives,
Ladies and gentlemen,

Bom dia! 

First let me just say that I am very excited about this seminar this morning. And I want to thank everyone of you here today for taking part in this event. I think there is huge potential, and I am very much looking forward to seeing what comes of it.

I am very happy to be back in Mozambique, this time accompanied by a Norwegian business delegation.

I firmly believe that the strong engagement of the private sector, which has the capacity to create jobs and develop skills, is crucial for sustainable development both in Mozambique and in Norway. The role of the private sector is crucial for sustainable development anywhere. 

Mozambique and Norway are both coastal countries that are dependent on the oceans and the blue economy, and both our countries have an abundance of natural resources.

My country’s vast energy resources, both renewable and non-renewable, have brought us prosperity, because we have given priority to the sound management of these resources. They have also formed the basis for the development of world-class technology, which is crucial for the further development of the energy sector.

Norway stands ready to share its accumulated experience and knowledge, and help Mozambique’s promising offshore industry to leapfrog its way to a more competitive position. In addition to our longstanding and very successful cooperation in the area of natural resource management, we see many opportunities for private sector partnerships that would benefit both our countries.

We were very pleased that President Nyusi brought with him Mozambican companies when he visited Norway in 2018. And here today, Norwegian companies are showing an increased interest in investing in Mozambique.

The Norwegian companies that have succeeded here, and that are willing to share their experience, are showing us all that Mozambique is ready for more business.

One great example of cooperation between our countries is about nuts. Because Mozambique has the best cashew nuts in the world, the Norwegian company The Brynhild Group started a collaboration with the institute for cashew promotion 18 years ago.

A transparent value chain was established, with a view to exporting top-quality cashew nuts from Mozambique to the Norwegian market.

This has created employment for several thousand farmers who produce the nuts. It has increased local value creation, and since the nuts are rinsed and processed in Mozambique before they are exported, the environmental footprint of the process is also reduced.  

Norfund is Norway’s most important instrument for private sector development in our partner countries. Together with other partners, Norfund has invested in the Mocuba Solar Plant, which started production in 2019. This plant, which was built by the Norwegian company Scatec Solar, will provide clean electricity to as many as 175 000 households.

I hope that this is just the beginning of a solar energy adventure in Mozambique.

Responsible business practices are a basis for sustainable enterprises and for a prosperous society. We will not be able to reach the Sustainable Development Goals in any country without the capital, skills and drive of the private sector. When the private sectors in Mozambique and Norway work together, this will result in more jobs and more development in both our countries.

I am confident that this seminar will serve as an opportunity for Mozambican and Norwegian stakeholders to share experience and expand their networks.

I have no doubt that today’s conversations will make Norwegian companies even more interested in investing in this beautiful country and engaging in private sector cooperation.

Thank you!



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